I shoot with a real-to-life feel, with light editing, because my goal is to provide timeless photos that never go out of style.

I do not provide heavy-duty Photoshop services. But I do smooth over smaller blemishes and wrinkles! 

Because my focus is on making everything look great in camera, I am stringent on timing of photo sessions. We will work out exact times upon scheduling.

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Fun facts

Originally from Birmingham

Met my husband at Auburn University (war eagle and please don't hold it against me)

We have a Belgian Malinois named Checo (he is our Minister of Defense for you F1 fans)

I have a twin sister named Melissa, and we are besties. As if it wasn't twinsy enough for our names to be similar, we married guys with similar names (Taylor and Travis) who have the same job (pilot). Confusing much?

Hobbies: reading (favorite topics are biographies and geopolitics - which makes me the life of the party at book clubs), learning Mandarin Chinese, piano, keeping up with Checo, and going on travel adventures with Taylor

My idea of a perfect night is having dinner with family, watching basketball, and laughing